12 weeks…of nausea

This Thursday I turned 12 weeks. This kid is the size of a lime and is practicing reflexes today. What a trip, right? I have heard the heartbeat twice-amazing! It’s amazing that there’s a little, living person inside of me right now. At my 12 week appointment the heartbeat was 156 and my doctor says, “sounds like a girl!”. I guess we will see at my 20 week ultrasound! I’m still betting boy. Two little boys to terrorize me when they are teens. They’ll build forts in our living room and jump out of trees.

Ok, so how have the last 4 weeks gone? Uh. Well…I’ve exercised, ran, led boot camps, caught a horrid cold, moved downstairs, got a job, plan to quit a job, all while being much sicker this time around and about as tired. The fact that I can take a nap with toddler J here and there makes a big difference with my energy levels. But man…this has been the worst nausea. But it’s letting up, slowly but surely and I’m not dry heaving every day! I call that a win!

From doctor’s visit to doctor’s visit, I’ve only gained a half a pound (my home scale says 3, but whatever ;)). I’m pretty sure with J I had already gained 5, so I am off to a good start. My jeans still fit (albeit tight, namely in the rear) and I am not breaking out the maternity clothes just yet. With Jack I had already gained 18-20 lbs at 20 weeks. I dont want to repeat that if possible. It’s only 8 weeks away and I am much more active so I think it might be doable.

As for food, I will be honest. Yes, yes, I will be honest. I have not eaten the best. No, I havent really eaten well at all. But, man, when the nausea hits you, you just have to eat. And my refrigerator and my kitchen would just make me sick. Yep, sick. So…we did have a lot of take out. But, I can stand my kitchen now without barfing and can look at greens again (I had *gasp* a SALAD yesterday!), I will be aiming for much healthier eats in the weeks to come.

Speaking of which, I am craving that salad dressing from my salad yesterday…must…buy…salad. Must…buy…salad.


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pregnancy: take 2

So, as you may have heard, I didnt have a great pregnancy, labor or delivery with Jack. In fact, while working 40+ hours a week in a low paying, high stress job, I didnt have the energy to work out. By 32 weeks, I did walk around the beach some, but I was huge and uncomfortable, so you know I’m sure I was walking slower than most geriatric people. I vowed after a long 36 hour labor that I was not going to have a repeat delivery next time.

In late April, I was working out with a client, going for a quick 1 mile run. At the end of one mile, I was pooped and dizzy, including heart palpitations. For a split second I thought, what if I am pregnant? Nah. I’m sure I am just dehydrated. I continue the work out with the client and went on my merry way. A week or two pass by and I am acting…not myself. In fact, I end up crying in a silly argument. Bawling. Upset. Over something silly. And I think….nah. there’s no way. nah.

Well, my expected period did not show so I decided it was time to pee on a stick. In fact many. For days. Negative. Negative. Negative. See, i say to myself, I am not pregnant. No sir’ee. See all the negative tests? That means you are not pregnant. You are just late. Like you are for your hair appointments.

Except the night before mother’s day, I pee on the 4th stick of the week and I see this:

Can you see it? I share this with some of my friends online and the verdict was this: it was a blue dye test, which was known to give false positives and have watermarks. Yes, I think to myself, its a watermark! DUH!

So, on mother’s day, as we are about to have breakfast with some family, I needed to know I was right. Because I knew I was right. I was not pregnant. CVS was next door…so I pick up another test. A RED dye test, in fact (more accurate, they say). So, before I order myself a mother’s day mimosa, I go to the restaurant bathroom and pee on another stick.

Say whaaaaa? I was in shock. I really thought I was not pregnant. I thought wrong. It’s a good kind of wrong though. I guess I’ll have a mimosa next mother’s day holding my new bundle. What a great Mother’s Day gift-albeit a surprise.

So this is my experiment: can a former sedentary pregnant person have a better, more fit, healthier pregnancy and delivery the next time around? I want to know if I can keep my weight gain in check and have a faster labor and delivery. Can I resist 7 bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and eat broccoli and carrots instead? Can I get my tired, or so tired, butt out the door and get moving? Can I find myself gaining an appropriate amount of weight and lose it in a relatively fast manner? And in doing so, helping her prenatal and postnatal clients to do the same?

So, I am the test case. You will hear about the highs and lows over the next year as I look to have the best possible pregnancy I can have. I’ll be updating weekly, if not more for each of you to see. I’ll be the equivalent of a reality TV show. Except not on TV. So stay tuned.


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catching up

ok, so it’s been a bit since I last wrote. Lots has gone on since my last post, which unfortunately has held me back from writing. Boo! But that’s ok, lots of fun has gone on!

My baby boy just turned ONE on the 14th! I can’t believe it. My 7lb 5oz newborn is now a walking, talking, giggling toddler. He’s such a joy and the best gift in the world.Jack's birthday cake

His birthday party was at our local beach, on his perfectly sunny, warm birthday. The day’s weather perfectly reflected his cute personality. Minus a little family glitch, the day went off without a hitch!

On friday the 19th, I was able to throw my first-ever surprise party for my husband, M, who is the,hardest.person.to.surprise.   ever. We had our closest friends and family there to celebrate his 35th (!) birthday. It was a fun night at our home.

The next day after Mike’s class we headed to Tahoe for a fun baby-filled weekend! I’m a part of a online board of mamas who had their babies in March of last year. A few of us get together fairly regularly and decided to get together for a weekend in Tahoe. It was a blast! I was able to meet Sheryl for the first time, who lives in Texas with her husband and her son Jack. (Jack was just recently been diagnosed Tuberous Sclerosis, in which the little guy suffers from daily seizures and has 3 tumors in his heart. We are raising money for testing and support here, for him and others with this condition, if you want to help out!) I also met Kelli and Jim for the first time who have 3 kids, each equally adorable and fun! They are awesome people and I am so glad to have met them. By the end of the trip, I was attacked by her kids who wanted to kiss me-I guess I made an impression!

So, all in all, it was a fun weekend away and I can’t wait for the next one!

But…now both Jack and I have colds. Boo! I’m dizzy and light headed and he’s got a cough and a runny nose. Man, can’t they figure out how to make baby Day-Quil yet? My poor kid could use a decongestant big time. I have been slacking on my workouts with all the busy times. I did well the week up to J and M’s birthdays, but this week hasn’t been great. I went to an awesome strength training class on Wednesday but I dont even think I can leave the house today. I want so badly to go outside, especially since it’s supposed to rain all next week. Oh, well. You can’t win ’em all!

Well, I need to try to give my kiddo a nap. He doesnt nap well when he’s sick, so we’ll see how it goes. Until next time!

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Say Yes to Rest

Hey there! Happy Wednesday! Can you believe that it’s mid-March already? Is it just me or does it feel like 2010 is already flying by? It is for me at least.

Baby J slept fantastically last night: 8:30-5am, then down again until 7! This is a big deal for my kid who I believed would not sleep through the night until he was 12. This was glorious since this morning I woke up…with his cold. Fun times (not).

Two of J’s friends are having their 1st birthdays today! I can’t believe it. Wasn’t I just pregnant? J will be celebrating his in 4 days. Over the next few days, I will be getting ready for his party! I ordered a shirt from Etsy…I sure hope it shows up in time. If not, plan B. 🙂

I feel a little calf strain from yesterday’s run so I have to take it easy today, on top of the cold, on top of starting “slow” training. If I feel better a bit later, I’ll either go for a walk, do some yoga, or something. If it’s warm enough, I’ll take the little man with me if I decide to go walking. I am in need of some strength training today, so I’ll be working on that today as well as housework (double boo).

It’s a pretty quiet day here, today, which is nice! I think resting is in order. Yes to rest.


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Training Tuesday: Body Awareness

Happy Tuesday! I just got back from my run for today. As you may remember, I have had some issues with my right hip for some time. Plainly irritating! I went for a nice, long run last Thursday which mapmyrun.com says it was 6.2 miles. I was stunned-it just didn’t feel like so, but my hip always gives issues when I hit the hills…and I hit a few at the end. I’ve had to take some time off from my long run last week to let it rest. Boo.

Today was a less than stellar long run. I attempted that run again to map it with our Garmin to see if it was *really* 6.2 miles. The first three miles I did really well and my hip didn’t really hurt. I was stoked. As I approached mile 3, the hip really started to bug me. I was really bummed to have to walk the last 1.75 miles. Yep, you read this right: it was only a 4.75 mile run. Double boo.

I was planning on taking some time to talk about body awareness anyway, but today was a great reminder that even trainers have to listen to their bodies. I’m wondering if I am experiencing some tendinitis in my hip or something because any run over 3 miles it hurts. Its actually hurting tonight as well. So, I need to take it easy. I have been reading a book called Primal Blueprint and it’s been an interesting read, saying that we should try to pattern ourselves, our eating, our exercise after our ancestors of prehistoric time. In doing so, aim for low intensity cardio (55-75% of max heart rate, 2-5 hours a week) along with a strong strength training program 2-3 times a week, and a sprint here and there. After today’s injury I decided it was really time to try this. I have been lacking in my strength training for a while, rarely sprint and – hello – go for a walk? That’s it?I dont really know how to walk. Haha.

So, my hip told me today that I have been overdoing it. I have been pushing my joints past its limit. It is imperative as an athlete or exercise enthusiast (or just play one on TV ;)) to listen to your body. Slow it down. If a particular exercise is aggravating a part of your body, stop. Ice. Rest. Repeat.

I am changing up my training routine. I am planning on only doing long runs (anywhere from 2.5-6 miles, depending on the hip) 2-3 days a week. 2 days a week for sure for at least a few weeks. Then, a good solid strength program 2-3 times a week. And low intensity, longer duration cardio the rest of the days (walks of an hour or so). I think this is a model that NASM would approve of, too. I still plan to run 5 and 10K’s and maybe even a half-marathon one day, but I need to let my joints slowly adapt. I know I can do 5K without pain. I’m going to call that a win, no matter how much I want to push past it.

So, I will keep you posted as I start “slow” training. I’m afraid I will get too antsy and want to run, in turn having to hold myself back. Have you ever had to take time off to heal? How was it? Did it motivate or demotivate you? I’d love to hear your thoughts as I attempt to change the way I have viewed cardio.


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Recipe Recap: Gluten-Free Eggplant Parmesan

Over the past two months, I have been researching a lot about food, the effects that it has on our body, and how much insulin control has to do with our body storing fat. It’s quite interesting to me to see that complex carbohydrates, in particular grains, have to do with controlling our insulin production. Long story short (maybe sometime in the near future I will blog a bit more about this, but in the meantime, I’ll stick to the title of this post :)), I have decided for a month to try to go grain free. Can I just say that within two days, my bloating was gone and the days I have cheated, my stomach has had such a hard time with the carbs? So, I am trying to live about 80-90% gluten-free. (please note: this is my personal research and I am not a registered dietitian nor do I suggest this as something for everyone to try. This does not take presedence over your doctor’s recommendations or medical advice).

In this quest, I am trying a ton of different recipes. The other night, my oven caught fire (briefly, while broiling) so I need to spend some time cleaning my broiling element today and clean off the grease. But I needed to find something to make last night that was stove-friendly. That is when I stumbled upon this recipe for a skillet eggplant parmesan. I have found that I have a love for almond meal/flour and can get it at Trader Joe’s for really cheap, so much of my cooking these days are with it.

Gluten-Free Eggplant Parmesan
1 Eggplant, unpeeled, sliced
1 lb ground beef with onions, cooked and drained
2 Eggs, beaten
Almond Flour/Meal as coating (i didnt measure)
Olive Oil (i didnt measure)
1 jar Marinara Sauce (preferably no HFCS or added sugar)
Mozzarella Cheese (i used half a block of the good kind)
grated Parmesan (again, I didnt measure)

Preparation: (soak the eggplant in heavily salted water for 20 mins then rinse)
1. Add beaten eggs to shallow dish. Dip eggplant into beaten eggs. Coat with almond flour.
2. Heat 2 teaspoons olive oil in skillet over medium heat.
3. Add eggplant to skillet. Saute until brown, turn, brown other side. Transfer to plate.
4. Wipe skillet clean. add marinara sauce to the beef, combine over low heat in another skillet. Add ¾ cup marinara sauce to original skillet. Arrange half of eggplant slices over marinara (I could fit about 4 slices into my skillet, thus creating triple deckers. Mmm. :)).
5. Spoon 1 cup marinara over eggplant. Sprinkle half the mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses over marinara.
6. Repeat layering procedure with remaining ingredients. (I made 4 eggplant servings of layers of 3)
7. Cover skillet (i used foil b/c my lid would have crushed my triple deckers). Simmer 20 minutes.

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monday, monday

After a month of feeling unmotivated…I am feeling motivated today! Sorry for the blog today-big things have been happening and I’ve neglected you for sometime, blog friends. But I am back and better than ever.

Over the last month, lots has happened! I have officially launched my business, Smart Fitness, which included trips to the county and fun legal stuff like that. I’m working on promoting this on Facebook and other online marketing outlets. I’m so excited to be able to do what I love-train clients-so I am stoked.

I have become a fitness blogger for the largest newspaper in town! I’m so excited for this opportunity. You can also follow me there as I give fitness tips, workout suggestions, and other inspirational ideas to keep you moving.

I feel like from January to March, my running level and capability has sky rocketed. It’s been so interesting. I’ve crossed the 10K threshold a few days ago and honestly, I can’t believe it. I’m still in awe. My hip has been giving me some issue today, so I’m icing it as I type and hopefully will go out for a short 2-3 miler later (after J wakes up and M can watch him…(((insert evil grin here))) 🙂 I’m averaging in the 9 minute mile category now, which is just amazing to me. In May 2009, I was in the 12 min mile category, and not going too far!

My son has officially learned to walk! Now, he had taken steps before…but he’s everywhere now. I’d say he walks 85% of the time now. Which means I have to watch him even more carefully now-he’s been known to eat the leaves of our Ficus tree if I don’t catch him in time.

And I’m a little sad…my little guy turns one on the 14th. I cant believe it. Time is flying by. My little guy is no longer a baby, really. He’s bursting with personality now. And I really like him. He’s a cool dude.

Anyway, that’s a super quick recap of the last month. I’ll post here in a few about my awesome, yummy gluten-free eggplant parmesan!

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